Three Bean Coffee Offerings

Cafe Convivial $11.00
Cafe Convivial

This is a between roasted coffee that is a great pick me up any time of the day. It has a bright fruity, nutty flavor with a smooth buttery finish and caramel aftertaste. The aroma is Absolutely Delicious!
Decaf $10.00

Colombian Decaf is our decaf offering. This is a decaff bean with a balanced taste: chocolate and nutty tones are present and smooth caramel notes add to produce a most enjoyable cup of coffee.
Expresso #9 $12.00
Expresso #9

Five coffees from around the world are combined in perfect proportions to ensure an espresso with great taste on its own or as a base for cappuccinos and latte drinks.
Mocca Java $11.00
Mocca Java

This is the classic coffee blend enjoyed the world over. It is roasted to a between roast which accentuates the flavors in this coffee.
Morning Blend $10.00
Morning Blend

This is a dark roasted, full flavor coffee that will get the entire house started. It is a rich, robust coffee South Louisianans will love to have as their morning cup
Bean Grinder $25.00
Bean Grinder

Three precision-grind settings from fine to coarse. Exclusive Chamber Maid cleaning system clears grounds from chamber walls so ground coffee is always fresh. From Mr. Coffee, Model No. IDS77.

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